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PGI Cítricos Valencianos

The Protected Geographical Indication PGI Cítricos Valencianos certifies the origin and quality of oranges, mandarins and lemons grown in the provinces of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia and guarantees their traceability. This protection extends to Valencian growers and producers, in order to preserve a form of cultivation rooted in the Valencian Community and passed down from father to son, generation after generation.

Tasting a Valencian citrus fruit is to enjoy the fragance and colour of the Valencia Region. In 2022, production with guaranteed traceability and quality under the PGI Cítricos Valencianos reached 16,965 tonnes, grown by 4,000 producers on more than 19,120 hectares.

10 months per year, we offer 27 varieties of mandarins, 17 of oranges and 3 of lemons. The production area protected under the PGI Cítricos Valencianos exceeded 16,965 tonnes in 2022, with oranges (66%) accounting for the majority of production. 37.4% of oranges and 57.4% of mandarins were marketed within the European Union.
The PGI Cítricos Valencianos guarantees the origin and traceability of oranges, mandarins and lemons produced in the Valencian Community and certifies their quality and safety. The PGI ensures the correct use of the geographical name ofthe authorised municipalities that make up the production area, both in its labelling and in any means of presentation or advertising, taking action against fraud, imitations or evocations of the brand. The origin of Valencian citrus fruits is always clearly visible on the label.
Valencian citrus fruits have a unique flavour due to factors such as the climate and the soil, which make our oranges, mandarins and lemons the sweetest and most aromatic. Tasting a Valencian citrus fruit is to enjoy thebeauty of the Valencian Community's fields, the good work of its producers and a particular aroma and colour in terms of quality, origin and tradition. Of all the citrus-growing areas in the world, the Valencian Community is the region where citrus cultivation has he most deeply-rooted tradition, as it is part of the identity of the Valencian people.
The Valencian landscape is the landscape of oranges. There is no image more recurrent or more associated with the Comunitat Valenciana than that oforange trees laden with fruit, covering streets, orchards and large tracts of land. Along with Ribera del Xúquer, La Safor, Vega del Segura and Camp de Turia, La Plana de Castelló also stands out for the presence of orange trees and other citrus fruits. PGI Cítricos Valencianos are more than just citrus fruits, as they maintain and preserve the legacy of a tradition and a way of cultivation handed down from father to son by the farmers of the Valencian Community.
The orange trees and thescents and colours of the orange blossom have been filtered through the senses and captured by the pen or paintbrush of great artists such as Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Josep Pascual Tirado, Vicent Andrés Estellés and Joaquín Sorolla, who have paid tribute tothe unique landscape of the Valencian lands in different artistic expressions.