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Molt de Gust brand products and the hands of the best chefs form a perfect synergy to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Chefs are increasingly aware of the need to value quality, local and seasonal products in order to enrich their creations and delight their diners with a cuisine based on products that tell a story.

For this reason, using Molt de Gust products as ingredients in their dishes is a guarantee of perfect results.

The professionals of the kitchen, in a natural way, become preceptors who use and recommend more and more Molt de Gust products, not only the fresh ones, but also the elaborated ones and the exceptional wines and cavas to pair and serve with their dishes.

Renowned chefs with awards such as MichelinStars or Repsol Suns have been using Molt de Gust products for some time now and including them in their menus, culminating with their magic the short but exciting path that goes from the orchard to the table.