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Chefs and restaurants

We are what we eat and maintaining a sustainable diet has a positive impact on all dimensions of our health and wellbeing, as well as reinforcing our commitment to the environment.

In the Valencian Region there is general support from the entire catering industry for a product-based cuisine that values the richness and diversity of our territory. It is well-known that we are the biggest and best larder in Europe due to the variety of fresh and processed products we have and our great agricultural and wine-growing tradition. Valencian chefs and cooks are aware of the existence of differentiated quality products that are in season all year round, so they can always offer local products on their menus.

Even more. Valencian restaurants are promoting the creation of a cuisine based on product and story, building their own space in which to tell stories that involve producers, chefs and consumers. This vision of telling a story of a producer who cultivates and pampers a product, a chef who understands and interprets it and a diner who knows and enjoys its essence is distinguished by the Molt de Gust seal of quality. A distinction that recognises establishments that are committed to local quality, proximity, seasonal and sustainable produce and give it visibility on their menus.

Restaurants that offer local and seasonal cuisine, based on local products, give value to our territory and our producers. Chefs such as Susi Díaz, Aurora Torres, José Manuel Miguel, Evarist Miralles or Miguel Barrera fuse creativity and tradition in a ‘cuisine with memory’ anchored in differentiated quality products to offer menus that tell a story with each dish.

Chefs La Cuina de Molt de Gust in Mediterránea Gastrónoma


Chefs La Cuina Molt de Gust in Salón Gourmets