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Participation in National and International Fairs

The Molt de Gust brand is present at the main national and international fairs related to sustainable and ecological agriculture, food and differentiated agri-food quality products.

In order to support Valencian companies in the sector, Valencian producers have the advantageous option of participating under the umbrella of the Generalitat Valenciana in prestigious fairs to publicise their excellent products and increase their client portfolio and business volume.

The Conselleria of Agricultura and Molt de Gust are present at SIAL fair in Paris; German fairs such as Fruit Logistica (Berlin), Biofach (Nuremberg), Anuga (Cologne) and Prowein (Düsseldorf); and at other national fairs such as Organic Food in Madrid and Alimentaria in Barcelona.

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Fruit Logistica 2023BerlínFresh fruit and vegetables8-10 february 202330/11/2022
Biofach 2023NürembergOrganic Products14-17 february 202330/11/2022
Prowein 2023DüsseldorfWines & Spirits 19-21 march 202330/11/2022
36 Salón GourmetMadridHigh end food and beverages 17-20 april 202315/01/2023
Organic Food Iberia 2023MadridOrganic Products7-8 june 202328/02/2023
Fruit Attraction 2023MadridFruit and Vegetable Sector 3-5 october 202316/04/2023
Anuga 2023CologneFood in general 7-11 october202320/05/2023
Terra Eco 2023ValènciaOrganic Sector22-23 march 2023Consult with the organisation
Fruit Logistica 2024BerlínFruit and Vegetable Sector7-9 february 202430/06/2023
Biofach 2023NürembergOrganic Products13-16 february 202430/06/2023
Prowein 2024DüsseldorfWines & Spirits10-12 march 202431/07/2023
Alimentaria 2024BarcelonaFood18-21 march 202431/07/2023
Salón Gourmets 2024MadridHigh end food and beverages22-25 april 2024Finished
Organic Food Iberia 2024MadridOrganic Products4-5 june 2024Finished
Fruit Attraction 2024MadridFruit and Vegetable Sector8-10 october 202410/02/2024
SIAL 2024ParísFood19-23 october 202410/02/2024