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Kaki de la Ribera del Xúquer

Cultivated since ancient times in the Valencia Region, in the middle of the 20th century a new variety of persimmon native to the Ribera del Xúquer (Valencia) appeared that represented a real revolution both in its cultivation and in its commercialisation. The commercial brand Persimon® distinguishes the ‘Rojo Brillante’ variety, which is a persimmon with a firm consistency, orange skin and flesh, without astringency and with crunchy flesh, similar to an apple or a peach.

The ‘Rojo Brillante’ variety is a local variety distinguished by its large size, with fruit exceeding 80 mm in diameter, oblong shape and orange colour. They are seedless, and once harvested and the astringency naturally eliminated, the fruit is packed without any kind of post-harvest treatment, presenting a natural bright colour.

The persimmon from Ribera del Xúquer is a sweet fruit, with a delicious aroma and flavour and a hard consistency. Easy to cut and peel, it is perfect for use in cooking and can even be eaten with the skin on. As it contains antioxidants and potassium, vitamin A and C and is high in water and fibre, it is the perfect fruit for sportsmen and women.

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The 'Rojo Brillante' persimmon began to be cultivated in the Comunitat Valenciana in the fifties, being the Ribera Alta and Baja, Alcasser and Vall d'Albaida the main producing areas. The cultivation phases are early, normal 1 and late, with the main consumption season being from October to December. Its production amounts to 350 million kg in Spain, 95% of which is produced in the Valencia region. 20% of production is destined for the domestic market and 80% for export (90% to the European Union and a residual part to the United States, Canada and Asia).
Ribera del Xúquer is the only place in the world where Persimon® persimmons are grown, a commercial brand owned by the Kaki Ribera del Xúquer Denomination of Origin. This large-calibre persimmon with a sweet, stable flavour throughout the season has been a real revolution in thesector, as it has become a consumer favourite due to its crunchy, hard texture and optimum qualities of flavour, attractiveness and colour.
The Persimon®persimmon is sweeter than most varieties, has a large size, good presence and unique organoleptic characteristics. Its consistency is firm, without astringency, with orange skin and flesh and sweet and crunchy pulp. Persimmon is ideal for sportsmen and women due to its excellent nutritional properties, as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, potassium, fibre and water. All these properties make persimmon the perfect fruit for recovering after sport.
The main Persimon® producing area is located near the banks of the River Xúquer (hence the name 'Kaki de la Ribera del Xúquer'), a river with an important influence on persimmon cultivation, both for its importance for irrigation and for the great fertility of its land. Known as the 'garden of Spain' due to its great fertility and agricultural tradition, the differential characteristics of this area from an ecological and landscape point of view allow us to offer unique persimmons, recognised and protected by the Protected Designation of Origin 'Kaki Ribera del Xúquer'.
Persimon® represents a radical change with respect to the traditional way of consumption in Mediterranean countries, where the fruit had a gelatinous consistency that was difficult to handle and market. Following traditional techniques from ancient Japan, and by means of a natural treatmentconsisting of keeping the fruit in an anoxic environment (absence of oxygen), the tannins present in the fruit, which are responsible for its astringency, are eliminated to obtain a persimmon with a hard consistency, crunchy flesh and sweet flavour. Although Persimon® persimmons are preferably eaten fresh, more and more chefs are including persimmons from Ribera del Xúquer in their haute cuisine recipes. The result is original and delicious dishes that highlight the value of local products from the Valencian Community.

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